Friday, 12 December 2014

The Urban Decay Primer Potion: Review

I said I would not. But I did. I bought a kindle. The kindle Paperwhite. I almost regret it. But it was bought out of necessity rather than preference. I still prefer to read from an ACTUAL book. I still prefer the smell in between the pages of a fresh new book. I still prefer to feel the thickness of the book I'm holding. Nothing feels more therapeutic and satisfying than flipping through the pages of a book and reaching its final page, and with it that feeling as if you've lost a friend. But it had to be done. With a collection of over 400 books, and the lack of space to store more, I had to resort to the kindle with complete reluctance.

However, every now and then I will purchase a real book and read a real book, for my sake and for the sake of Baby Bee, whom I want to grow up seeing me reading and hopefully instil the same passion in him.

One purchase I never regret is buying the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is the most popular eyeshadow primer out there, and it deserves the cult following it has. It's a beauty legend!

I have oily eyelids, and without primer any eyeshadow just melts away. This felt heaven-sent to me when I discovered it almost 7 years ago. I loved wearing eyeshadow but I hated that it would always disappear within an hour or two. The Urban Decay Primer Potion is simply amazing! It brings out the colour of any eyeshadow, and the colour lasts forever! Literally, I've slept without removing my make-up, (I know tut tut, but this was during uni days! I know better now!) and my eyeshadow would still look as good as new the next morning!

I absolutely looooveee this product and would recommend to everyone! The full sized product is £16 but it is so worth the price tag, as it lasts forever! One tube lasts me well over a year! Bargain!

RATING: 11/10