Monday, 30 July 2012

Random Banter: Fifty Shades Of Me

Hello, Ladies! Oh, the weather has been so lovely recently with the odd shower now and again, the Olympics have begun and I haven't had time to write posts! Sorry! This will be a slightly busy month for me, hence there will be less posts from the next couple weeks. It's Ramadan, and fasting drains all energy and thinking capabilities out of me- I tried to write this post the other day, only to find myself staring blankly at the screen, unable to structure a sentence clearly. But that was just the first day of's getting easier day after day! Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to post as often as I can during the coming month. So until my next post, I thought you all should get to know a little more about me, other than what it says on my profile! So, here is a random post with random bits and bobs about me!

I'm scared of heights.

I lived on campus during my three years of uni. One of the best times of my life!

I love the way a guy changes gear when driving, and the way he switches lanes swiftly.

I think the italian accent is hot.

I wish I had dimples. The one on my cheekbone doesn't count.

I blush easily. I turn a brilliant shade of red.

I'm possessive.

I like the smell of petrol when a car drives past with the engine roaring.

I day-dream alot.

I'm not a bathroom-singer. I'm not any kind of singer. But I love to sing.

I'm an agony aunt.

Me and my mind argue alot. We don't get along.

I like clicking pictures and wish I had taken a photography course.

I like to read people's facebook statuses, butIi don't really care what you ate for lunch. Unless you're offering.

I believe in the motto: if you cannot convince them, you confuse them.

I want to be cast opposite Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries.

I hate feet. I have like feet-phobia. It's the toes that freak me out.

When I'm angry, annoyed or excited, I add extraaa letterrrsss tooo myyy worrrddssss.

My nerves go a little haywire when people tYpE lIKe tHIs- cut it out. Seriously.

I'm not very good at taking compliments.

I could not read a map to save my life.

I forgive, but I never forget!

I'm easily confused, a little complicated and overly cautious.

I think life is a series of distractions to get me out of bed every morning!!

I think there's more to life than shopping. Just kidding!

When I text back with 'LOL' im not always laughing, i just want you to leave me alone.

I philosophize a lot. Is a hot guy cool or a cool guy hot?

I want to dance in the rain.

I like going to the dentists. I always get a lollipop for being brave =D.

The Ali-G voice imitation is quite hot.

I love fish.

I look at the freebies before I consider buying a magazine.

I love it when guys raise their eyebrows.

Its annoying when relying on someone else to take a picture because I want to be in it, and it ends up coming out off-centered and out-of-focus.

I HATE being tickled. It may make me laugh my head off, but it also makes me punch harder.

I love hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup and lots of whipped cream.

Love tea. Green tea, Earl Grey, Apple Tea, Cinnamon tea, Masala tea....mmmmm...

I seriously cannot understand why people try to have conversations with someone who is in the drives me bonkers!

I ♥ Cupcakes. Especially red velvet. Yum.

I love surprises!! 

I cry at the movies.

I hate cooking. Oh God, please may my mother-in-law still love me regardless o_O

I wish I knew how to bake. Burnt mixture of flour, egg and sugar anyone? Did it need milk?

Yes! I DO watch Star Plus and the mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law dramas. Shoot me now.

I want pets one day. Except those that bark, scratch, attempt to fly and require no regular washing. Fish?

I procrastinate. I need to stop. I'll start tomorrow.

I'm cranky when I'm ill, when noone listens to me and when I'm hungry.

I write faster than I talk. And yes, that's possible even for me.

I wanna rush into a cab, point ahead and say 'Follow that car!!'

I ♥ to read classics from and set in the Victorian times. Jane Austen's my favourite novelist

Would love to see a similar post from fellow bloggers!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadows in Brun and Bronze Brown : Review & Swatches

*ACCHHOOOOO!* My immune system seems to hate me, lately. Well, right back at it pppffttt. I had only just begun to recover from my previous attack of cold and flu, that its ugly head made a reappearance once again, before I could even dispose of  the heaping pile of tissues in the bin next to my bed. GRRR.

I was on the tube the other day, when I erupted in a series of sneezes. Thank God, I had tissues on me...otherwise, well you can imagine what... Anyway, whilst most passengers around me continued to act all nonchalant and were polite enough to not show the worry on their faces that they too will now be catching my germs (I'm sure they were throwing curses at me in their heads), one elderly lady sitting opposite me smiled at me pitifully and said, "Bless you, dear." I muttered my thanks in between some more sneezes and sat there staring at the floor, silently praying my sneezing stops. The lady continued to 'bless me' a couple more times, laughing nervously, until even she politely begun to ignore me. I actually felt sorry for myself. *Sigh* But more to the it not so awkward when a stranger on the train/tube/bus says something nice to you, or offers you a seat, or something, and then you don't quite know how you should behave with them the rest of the journey? I didn't know if I should smile at the nice lady every time I looked up. Should I have struck a conversation? Or made a joke even? (I couldn't crack one to save my life.) Should I have said bye and wished her a lovely day when she was getting ready to get off at the station? Well, I didn't. In my defense- I COULDN'T. I was sneezing.

Well, that's why I've been away from blogging for over a week. Stress doesn't just cause havoc on my skin, it seeks to destroy me immune system too. I've also been fairly busy the past week. But enough of the excuses, and more about this post. I am reviewing two Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose eyeshadows in shades #36 Brun and #31 Bronze Brown.

Korres products are made from natural ingredients, free from parabens and synthetic fragrances. Both these shades provide a nice sheen and are quite silky and velvety to touch. However, the colours need to be built up to achieve a darker shade. I had to apply a few layers to achieve the colours in the swatches below:

Aren't the colours lovely?! I had expected the eyeshadows to have a lot more pigmentation, but it failed to live up to my expectations. Although the pigmentation isn't THAT bad, it isn't that great either- but as I said, the colour can be bulit up so both these shades can work for a day time look or an evening, smokey-eye look. The eyeshadows blend easily, lasting all day (I had applied these over a primer) and are crease-resistant. 

I had purchased these eyeshadows as part of a set from StrawberryNET, as I had mentioned in one of my previous posts HERE. However, I would not purchase again as I own better and have used better eyeshadows in the past. Although I love both these colours, the pigmentation lets these eyeshadows down. Saying that, I will continue to use the shadows and I'm sure they will last a pretty long time.

RATING: 4/10

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick: Review

I've been a bundle of nerves lately, for reasons which I won't disclose just yet! Certain things are taking place in my life right now, and it's totally nerve-racking, exciting and ever so slightly stressful. I always endeavor to retain my composure under such circumstances, before my skin decides to go haywire and erratic on me! As soon as I become over-excited, nervous, or stressed, and I need my face looking clear and flawless, my skin never fails to betray me- and this really gets under my skin (please excuse the pun)!

So, when I received a certain news the other day, my heart did a break-dance, my nerves had a mini breakdown, and not so long after- my face had a breakout. Great. Just-frigging-great. Can a girl not experience a little excitement without unwanted, uninvited blemishes raining on her parade? Pppppffttt!

So, with the not-so-little buggers erupting all over my face, I had to start taking extra care of my skin- drinking lots more water, exfoliating everyday, and eating more fruit and veg. But I also needed something to directly attack these buggers face-to-face, one-to-one, man-on-man...err, ok you get my drift...

I came across this blemish stick, containing tea tree oil and witch hazel, in Boots. Witch hazel has disinfectant properties, which can eliminate bacteria and thus reducing inflammation. Tea tree also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can help eliminate blemishes and reduce spot size. I purchased this immediately.

On opening, the astringent smell is rather overpowering- the witch hazel and tea tree is quite evident in its smell. I applied the product onto clean skin, over the blemishes, and it did make my eyes and nose sting a little so would not be appropriate to apply anywhere near the eye, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Although the actual stick appears blue, it applies clear and invisible onto the skin. It has a cooling effect once applied, and seems to have an immediate drying effect where it is applied, but I assume this is how it works on the blemishes- by drying out the spots and thus causing them to shrink in size. I prefer to use this after cleansing in the evening, so that it may work overnight. And work it does! I noticed a reduction in spot size and the blemishes appeared less the next morning. This product is certainly my new spotty-skin saviour!

I would definitely recommend this product, as I have been using this for the past few days and have noticed a difference. Those buggers don't seem to stand a chance against this! Costing only £2.59, you get more product than what you pay for- this blemish stick would last a very long time. It can be applied as often as you feel, and great for those random, unexpected spots that appear out of the blue when you least expect it. Dirty, miserable buggers. 

Of course, you can just use a bottle of witch hazel in liquid form and a small bottle of tea tree essential oil to apply to your blemishes with some cotton wool or buds, but it wouldn't be very practical and would be time-consuming to apply. This product is a great size and easy to carry in your handbag and practical for constant use.

I will be repurchasing this product, whenever it runs out!

RATING: 8.5/10