Monday, 24 November 2014

Bio Oil: Review

Mmmmm...I'm sooo craving a red velvet cupcake right now! Ohh I can almost taste the sweet deliciousness in my mouth...*mouth watering* *tummy grumbling*- damn you, diet! It isn't easy losing all this post-pregnancy weight. Just one dress size down, pleaaseee! It's not much to ask for! [Note to self: Need to stop eating waffles lathered in nutella and ice-cream].

On the bright side of pregnancy, having a baby is such a miracle and a blessing. How our body adapts and changes to cater another human life is simply amazing. Having a baby changes everything, and all the pain, difficulties, morning sickness, constant back aches, lack of sleep, and so much more, just having your little one staring at you with those innocent eyes, needing you, wanting you- makes it all worth it. Even the stretch marks.

Talking of stretch marks, I used Bio Oil throughout my whole pregnancy, and still continue to use it. Actually, I've been using Bio Oil as an all-over body moisturiser for the past 6 years. It's meant to be great for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin. Initially, I used it  for acne scarring but I continued using it as it left my skin glowing, soft and supple, and over time it improved skin tone as well as keeping my skin hydrated.

However, I wouldn't say this oil is great for stretch marks. I don't think it did much to prevent stretch marks, which I was quite unhappy about, but then again, stretch marks cannot actually be prevented as it is genetic. But, it does actually help minimise the appearance of the visible stretch marks and scars. 

I like to massage Bio Oil directly onto wet skin, as it is absorbed better this way and sinks in to the skin much quicker. I find it just sits on top if applied to dry skin. I love the way it smells, it isn't too overpowering and I even use it on my face when my skin feels a little dry, by adding a few drops to my moisturiser. I also love to add this to my bath as a bath oil, and it's sinks into the skin so well that you don't need to moisturise afterwards.

I do recommend this product as I do enjoy using it, however, you won't see benefits from using it overnight. It took me atleast 3 or 4 months of regular use before I noticed any change, so it does require dedication and patience. Overall, a great product.

RATING: 7/10

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