Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mac Mehr Lipstick: Review and Swatch

Being a full-time parent now, and spending most my time catering to my beautiful son, a sleep-deprived, caffiene-driven me has many random thoughts going through her head! I was thinking to myself the other day, how would I get along with my siblings or childhood friends, or anybody that I've know for a long time, if I had met them for the first time today?

I think I would actually get along with my brother, Robi, if I had met him for the first time today- he's funny, caring and straightforward. He's actually more intelligent than he lets on and maturer than he shows. As a brother he's soooo annoying, spoilt and never ceases to drive me up the wall! He has many names for me: 'Miss Teacher', 'Miss Dictionary' and 'Miss Doctor', because he thinks that I think that I 'know it all'. Oh and 'Miss Shakespeare' because my english isn't so street-smart. Ppft...whatever bruvz. If I had met one of oldest childhood friend today, Shanaz, I would enjoy hanging with her...she's carefree and confident, but with one foot firmly on the ground. When I had first met her, she was the shy, innocent, new-girl that I had befriended at primary school. Whether  it was then or now, she's still easy to gel with. And my husband...well, let's just say if I had bumped into my husband first time today, I'd pick him all over again. Any day. Everyday.

Something else that I would pick over and over again is one of my favourite lippy- Mac Mehr. I hadn't thought that I needed this in my life, under the assumption that it was too similar to Mac Twig, but I was wrong. I sooo needed this in my bread needs butter, bees need flowers, hubby needs chocolate, men need women...anyway, before I go off on a tangent...I was gifted Mehr by my cousin Ruba, and really fell in love with the colour. Whereas Twig is brown-ish nude, Mehr is more of a blue-ish, pink-ish nude. I absolutely LOVE rocking this colour with a bold, smokey eye!

This is a matte lipstick, but I don't find it to be too drying if I prep my lips with a little scrubbing prior to application. You may need a balm if you have extremely dry lips. The colour applies opaque and has good lasting power- roughly four hours before needing to reapply. As with all Mac lipsticks, I love the vanilla scent it has.

I definitely recommend this colour, and I reckon it would suit most skin tones.

RATING: 10/10

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