Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sleek Face Contour Kit: Review

Something that has been driving me a little insane for a while now- there seems to be an abbreviation for everything these OMG seriously, trying to read messages is like having to solve a puzzle! Ok, I am guilty of using a select few abbreviations myself, like LOL (how many of you have actually said LOL out loud in a fit of laughter?! I have...), ASAP- this seems to have become a word now *aysap*, and BRB. But I do not abbreviate the entire english dictionary! Someone messaged me '10Q' the other day...I sat there, blankly staring at my screen, trying to decipher this new puzzle, until I finally relented and replied 'huh'. It's short for 'thank you' *rolleyes*

Also, why do people right 'hugz' if it isn't even a short form of 'hugs'? I've seen people even write 'ily' instead of 'I love you'- don't tell me you love me if you can't even be bothered to type it out! Which reminds me, I was playing Words for you (version of scrabble) the other day, and the opposing player messaged me 'ASL?' I thought THAT had died out a decade ago!! (I did reply. Pretending to be a male. The game was over pretty quickly though...) 

Anyway enough of my moaning and on to my review. The Sleek Face Contour Kit is one of my most used product. I have it in the medium shade, and I absolutely love it. Both the bronzer and highlighter are very pigmented, easy to blend and very buildable if you like dramatic contouring. I prefer to apply the bronzer and highlighter with a soft hand, to a sheer finish.

The bronzer is completely matte, with no shimmer effect which makes it perfect for contouring. The highlighter is very shimmery so you do have to be careful with it. I like apply it to my cheekbones, bridge of nose and on my cupid's bow. Its also perfect to use as a highlighter under the brow and on the inner corners of the eyes.

I would definitely recommend this product and would repurchase again. Although I do not use the bronzer every time, as I'm not much of a contourer, the highlighter is my absolute favourite. I have used this for over a year and still haven't hit pan! It's a perfect size for travel or for your handbag, and costing £6.49 it isn't too heavy on your wallet either. The only problem I have with it is that sometimes it's lid is hard to open as it is quite stiff, otherwise it's a complete winner.

Anyway, I gtg ladies! Have a gr8 weekend!

RATING: 9/10

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